e Meetings

Relaxed meeting preparation
Easy correction of material misfeeds
Last minute availability of all materials
100% reliable delivery of the material
0% of participants in meetings that can not use eMeetings
Guaranteed up-to-date submitted materials
Unlimited number of materials
Unlimited number of meetings
Cost savings

How to prepare meeting stress-free

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The availability of materials for council meetings to citizens and councilors at the same time is a great positive step in the transparency of the work of local self-government, and this is what eMeetings allow us to do.

Elfrida Mahulja (referent for office and writing office and information officer, Punat district)

Faster and simpler meeting preparation, cost reduction, and greater transparency. The goals we have achieved using this app!

Čedomir Miler (deputy mayor, city of Krk)

Meeting materials can' be organized better for meeting members. All we need is any device with which we can access the Internet.

Marko Ćorić (alderman, City of Opatija)



Documents in cloud

Access your documents wherever you are

Easy to use

Easy to use

The intuitive interface is also customized to unskilled users


Electronic voting

Whether you are in the same room or anywhere else, you can vote at the same time or at an agreed time period


Video conference

Participants can join video conference room only with the permission of the meeting moderator



Available on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, ...

Computer preparation

Simple meeting preparation

The intuitive process of meeting preparation


Scalability and control

Dividing duties and powers. The preparation of a session can be done by one employee or employees in multiple departments. You fully enjoy the authority of individual users

Time saving

Drastic time and material savings

No duplication, binding, packaging and sending of paper documents and materials as well as related costs

Error fix

Error fix - no problem

You found a mistake in the document or materials you submitted or you have to update or modify something in the last moment? No problem. A couple of clicks and everything will be fine



It is enough to mark those documents and materials you want to make it available to the public through your existing web portal and they are immediately available to them

Always updated

Always up to date

Once purchased software will always be updated to the last version

Document delivery

Reliable delivery of documents

Simply tracking the delivery of documents and materials as well as responding participants

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Meeting preparation

(available to those who prepare meetings)

1. Create meeting

First you create a meeting that you give the name, type of meeting, time and location of holding the meeting

Create meeting
Create daily agenda

2. Add daily agenda

After you created the meeting, add agenda items to which you can attach materials. You can rearrange agenda items and make materials visible or not to certain users. This procedure can be run by one administrator or parallel multiple departments to speed up the meeting preparation process and avoid one person having to do everything. The materials are not visible to the meeting participants until the responsible person approves them.

3. Invite participants

Upon approval of the material by the responsible person, participants are notified of the availability of materials together with the invite. In the sam way, the meeting participants can be informed about any such thing as, for example, a supplement to agenda, a corrected version of the material or the like. Meeting participants have the opportunity to confirm their arrival at the meeting and the administrator can check the current status at any time.

Invite participants
Invite participants

4. Publish for the public

At your current web portal, whenever you want, those meetings, agenda items, materials or decision that you choose will be available. Content management is extremely easy and current.

4. Voting management

The voting administrator manages the voting in real time or in a way that he prepares the voting so that the participants can express their opinion on the proposals within the agreed period. Vote publicly or secretly.

Manage Voting
View voting results

5. View results

Voting results are visible immediately even if participants are not in the same location. Each voting participant receives a reviewed voting report.

6. Video conference

Take advantage of audio-visual communication through built-in communication software.


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